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Jan 23, 2017  

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During that period, militant attacks have killed some 280 people in France, Belgium and Germany. The attacks, mostly claimed by the Islamic State group, have fanned tensions over immigration, fueled the popularity of right-wing parties and made security a key theme in upcoming French, Dutch and German elections. "Right across the EU regional space we see Muslims and foreigners being equated with terrorists," said Julia Hall, an Amnesty International expert on counterterrorism and author of the report. "This stereotyping so disproportionately affects these communities that there is a high degree of fear and alienation." She warned that "draconian" surveillance measures and powers of search, detention and arrest like those introduced in France since November 2015, when attacks killed 130 people, could be abused to target activists or minority groups that did not pose a genuine threat. Amnesty's report said new measures to crack down on glorifying or being an apologist for terrorism were shrinking the space for freedom of expression. In France in 2015, a third of more than 380 people prosecuted for apologizing for terrorism were minors, it said. Amnesty condemned what it dubbed the "Orwellian" use of curfews, travel restrictions and police check-ins to monitor individuals who were not convicted of crimes and often did not know what they were accused of. Hall criticized what she described as "governments looking at a person and saying: 'You look very suspicious to me. So I'm going to restrict your behavior because I think you might commit a crime.'" In January, France paid tribute to 17 people killed two years ago by Islamist militants in three days of violence that began with an attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Among other major attacks, suicide bombings in Brussels last March killed 32 people, and a Tunisian man mowed down 86 by driving a truck through a Bastille Day crowd in July in the French city of Nice.

Theres already too many around North Carolina, Las Vegas, Mississippi. Id hate to see it come to Georgia. Jan Hildebrandt of Woodstock, IT project manager +7 Buy Now Jim Glover/ Staff - Ross Williams I think it breeds corruption. I think the negatives far outweigh the positives It does not enhance tourism. This area thrives on tourism dollars and I think people are thinking it will bring money to the area if we offer that, and it sometimes brings bad money to the area. Ive seen marriages wrecked over addiction. Jim Glover of Marietta, real estate agent +7 Buy Now Alan Ross/ Staff - Ross Williams I just think if people, if adults want to go and play poker, play blackjack, play craps, whatever, in a safe environment, they should be allowed to. And I think the state should benefit. Part of the rate should go to the schools that need money, just like they do with the lottery. Alan Ross of Marietta, Telecom manager +7 Buy Now Doug Stewart/ Staff Ross Williams I dont have any problem with it. Its voluntary taxation. If you want to gamble, buy a lottery ticket, why not? I believe in personal freedoms.

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